Mon, 27 Feb 2012 15:00

The Best Way To Gather Your Friends From College

We all went to the same University and we all went through the same artsy phase in life. Our busy careers took us to all the sides of the World and we rarely have the time to keep in touch.

Most of us are still single and most of us have profiles at so that we can stay in touch and flirt around a bit as well. The anniversary of our graduation has been approaching and I wanted to organize something really special.

nWe were all all over the world anyway so, nobody really minded going to Prague to celebrate. I've sent a circular message to everyone from my college at to come to Prague to this amazing subculture fest they have.

We booked the tickets online and the fest simply gave our reunion a kind of a theme. If you would get bored with people you forgot or found out that your crush from college really got fat, you could enjoy the subculture fest.

Needless to say, the trip reunion was a big hit! We all agreed that the next one will not be able to top that!

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