Tue, 24 Jan 2012 22:00

The Partying in the Czech Republic Never Stops

Good punk music is what makes my heart tick and some of the best times I had was at the Subculture Fest in the Czech Republic. After last years show at this festival I was really looking forward to go back and party again but unfortunately my herpes problem was making me feel miserable and I gave up on my wish to go again.

All that changed though a few weeks before the festival when I met a herpes dating group who was totally into my kind of partying. I was suddenly so excited and couldn't believe that I was able to have fun again together with people who shared the same problems as me.

The Czech Republic is famous for its nightlife and the amazing clubs in Prague but the Subculture Fest was just something else, and it can't be described. The online Subculture Fest platform was a warm up for me and my new friends from the herpes dating group so we were able to constantly get updated with the situation and the bands which were performing. Organizing these kinds of events is why the Czech Republic is for me the place that can offer a great time, all year long.

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