Mon, 09 Jan 2012 23:00

Don't Hesitate To Live Active Life and Praise God

I hate discrimination! That is the only thing I hate and my Lord knows that.

I pray for mercy and help from His side in order not to surrender to the sin of hate. And you know what God gave me?

A gift of activity. In all this, Christian Disabled Dating helped me more than you can imagine.

I came out from the closet of my imperfect body and now I live a life that is worth living. I was dating a few guys before I met my Mr.

Perfect. Jesus and Mary send me my Joseph.

He is an open minded, energetic and talented (not to forget good looking) family type of guy who is also a devoted Catholic. We pray together and give thanks to the Christ.

We also like to travel and no destination is too far for us. We have decided to travel to Europe to Czech Republic, where we are going to attend a marvelous gathering Subculture Fest in Prague.

We bought tickets online and we can't wait for this wonderful occasion. We joined the disability people's movement and we celebrate our subculture. Christian disabled dating has done its job.

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