Mon, 19 Dec 2011 23:00

Alternative Music, Alternative Love

I was trying to find someone to go to Prague with me - I didn't want to miss the Subculture Fest this year. But none of my friends were interested and I was slowly losing hope.

Browsing the Subculture Fest website has taken the big part of my evening, but I was also interested in bbw dating and got an idea to find someone nice for the Fest on that site. I've put the call for anyone interested on my profile on bbw dating site, but there weren't any answers...

until two days before the trip. A fantastically built girl, both big and beautiful, answered my call!

She was a student of Slavic languages and wanted to visit Prague for a long time, and also didn't have a company. We decided to go as 'just friends' and became a sort of travelling companions during the first few days - the flight, the hostel, the city...

But the music at the Subculture Fest did its part - we kissed during the second evening, and spend the entire vacation there together as new couple. From then on, we visit the Subculture Fest every year!

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